Supercharge Your Product Pages: Utilise persuasive and visually appealing product videos


As an ecommerce store owner or manager, you’ve most likely seen a high web traffic to your site but remained puzzled on how to convert this into significant sales. You’re not alone. 

Growing web traffic is a fundamental goal for any ecommerce store owner. However, high traffic volumes don’t inherently translate to thriving business performance. What’s crucial is leveraging that online traffic into actual sales through a high conversion rate - and that’s where your product pages come into play. 

Your product pages are the critical linchpins that turn browsing visitors into paying customers. If you’re driving a substantial amount of traffic, yet seeing lacklustre conversion rates, it’s time to revamp those pages to better captivate your potential shoppers. To help you make the most of this untapped resource, we’ve curated a complete list of tips and optimisations that can significantly enhance the efficacy of your product pages and transform them into potent conversion engines. Read on to find out how to optimise your ecommerce site and improve your turnover.

Utilise persuasive and visually appealing product videos

It’s no secret that video content captures and retains attention far better than static images or text. Leveraging product videos on your ecommerce store can offer a highly effective mode of engaging your audience and ultimately, boosting your conversion rates. 

The Power of Product Videos 

Videos allow you to showcase your product in action, demonstrate its features and benefits in a dynamic format, and create a more immersive experience for your customers. By giving them a better sense of what they’re purchasing, you can assure them of the product’s worthiness and therefore, increase their confidence in making a purchase. 

Creating Effective Product Videos 

Creating a product video must be done with a clear purpose and understanding of what would attract and convince your customers. Here are few key aspects to consider: 

  1. High Quality: Like with images, videos must be of high quality to convey professionalism and credibility.
  2. Informative: Showcase all essential features and describe the benefits of your product within the video.
  3. Brevity: Keep it concise. A short, impactful video can be far more effective than a lengthy one which risks losing viewer engagement.
  4. Authenticity: Use real-life scenarios, user testimonials or demonstrations to make your videos more relatable and genuine.

Optimising Videos for SEO 

When including videos on your product page, it’s essential to keep SEO in mind. Here are a few strategies: 

  • File Name: Use keywords relevant to your product in the video file name.
  • Meta Description: Create a detailed description of the video content using relevant keywords.
  • Transcripts: Provide closed captions or transcripts. Besides being an essential feature for accessibility, search engines can crawl this text for SEO.
  • Video Sitemap: Submit a video sitemap to help search engines understand the video content on your site.


Thus, using persuasive and visually appealing product videos can not only improve user engagement but also supplement your SEO efforts, contributing towards improving the product page’s conversion rate. 

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